URALCHEM Receiving the IFA Gold Medal

URALCHEM Receiving the IFA Gold Medal

URALCHEM, one of the largest producers of mineral fertilizers and chemical substances in Russia, was awarded the IFA Gold Medal. The title “the best in the industry” was awarded because of their responsible production management.

The award is meant to promote a culture of performance with high standards. Additionally, the participating companies should meet the following criteria which were best achieved by URALCHEM ;

  1. Advanced safety regulations plus employees awareness

URALCHEM is committed to the protection of its staff and the community living within the vicinity of the company outlets. Such measures are meant to ensure reduction and prevention of emergencies and accidents. Some of the practical actions undertaken include;

  • Giving priority to prevention measures above curation.
  • Identifying potential hazards in the work stations and deploying actionable ways of preventing injuries and other potential health problems.
  • Sensitizing employees by providing training and awareness of potential dangers, emergency precautions, industrial and occupational safety and danger saving activities.
  • Additionally, all URALCHEM subsidiary companies have an advanced management system OHSAS 18001. This system ensures the companies are regularly evaluated to comply with high safety standards, effective legislation and risk management that were set in 2007.
  • Reduced environmental impact
URALCHEM Receiving the IFA Gold Medal

URALCHEM operations are carried out under strict environmental regulations that comply with international standards. It ensures it reduces ecological stress at the same time, improving ecological safety during its operations. Some of the environmental precautions undertaken include;

  • Use of natural resources for production
  • Use of safe, environmentally friendly facilities during constructions plus technical upgrades.
  • High level continuous efforts to control possible environmental impacts.
  • They are making a significant effort for effluents and emissions treatment.
  • Facilitating effective waste disposal and reuse.
  • Effective ecological management that complies with the Russian Federation laws.
  • Energy Conservation

Energy Consumption Management is much practiced and supported in URALCHEM. Some of the rational programs practiced for energy conservation include;

  • Competitive ability – use of technological process to reduce energy
  • Efficiency – generating energy consumption management programs.
  • Technology – Investing in the latest energy-efficient technologies that are both ecological and economical.
  • Social Accountability – Use of improved energy that is environmentally friendly like exhaust gases during production processes.
  • Sensitization – educating employees of ways of saving energy in the workplace.
  • Support – Ensuring state policy of saving energy adheres.

The award was presented to Dmitry Konyaev, the Deputy Chairman to the Board of Directors of URALCHEM by Chairman of IFA, Mostafa Terrab during one of the IFA Strategic Forum that took place in Paris.

In his speech, Dmitry Konyaev said, that URALCHEM  gold medal award was indeed a great honor.  Their efforts to achieving ecology, health protection and occupational safety of employees and energy efficiency had been recognised. He stated that it had been a priority for the organization of production to adhere to the highest level of international standards.

In conclusion

URALCHEM being the largest producer of ammonium nitrate and the second-largest producer of nitrogen and ammonia fertilizer in Russia, has a history of competence and consistency. Hence it has been recognized for its exceptional achievements.